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Chaos for Hire Records

QSR's studio is based around a 1997 vintage Tascam M2600mkII-32. The board has had it's op amps upgraded and several precision resistor modifications in the interest of improving sound quality, and we're not disappointed. 16 tracks of recording are done with Tascam DTRS machines, one DA88 and one DA38. Mixdown is to a Tascam DAT, and analog mixdown is available on request. Processing and effects are courtesy of DBX, Symetrix, Presonus, TC electronics, Urei and Lexicon, while microphone duties are handled by Shure, Electro Voice, Sennheiser, Oktava, Milab and MXL. Our patch system is exclusively ADC TT bays, wired with Belden Brilliance series cable, with other cable by Belden, Canare, ProCo and Whirlwind.